Which are the Top 5 best Solar Panel Manufacturing Companies in India?


India is moving towards a massive stage of development in terms of power, science, and technology. So in this particular field solar energy has played a very relevant and active role in this field, and also in the upcoming years to come at the future, solar energy is having a strong future in India. In terms of engineering, architecture, and most importantly agriculture, solar energy is turning out with a great prospect. So, in that respect, the Solar Panel producing companies have a great role ahead to play, starting from panel designing to testing it in various conditions and till implanting it at the relevant field of its technicality, it becomes quite important.

So, in this particular blog, we will try to understand how solar energy is evolving at a great length throughout India with the help of the number of companies that operate in this field, whether be it the best solar companies in Kolkata or any other part of the county. So, the top 10 companies can be mentioned as;

  • The Adani Solar- It is a major company that stems its origin from Mundhra, in the state of Gujarat, India which holds its position as the best and the largest PV cell and modules manufacturer with building a capacity of around 1.5 GW. Also, it stands as the first and the largest vertically integrated solar company which guarantees its objectives at bolstering the climate goals of India with embracing a healthier objective.
  • Vikram Solar Limited- This Company has held a strong track record of installing and commissioning a range of more than 1355 MW+ solar projects, both rooftop, and ground-based across India. Thus, in terms of its global recognition and leading initiative in providing solar energy solutions has been a strong specializing task in terms of creating a high efficiency to develop better PV modules and comprehensive EPC solutions.
  • Waaree Energies Limited- Waaree Energies Limited is one such important company that has held a strong relevance in the field of solar technology development. The company’s origins stem from the Waaree Group of Mumbai, India in 1989. It is also the largest Solar PV module developing company that has experience of developing a capacity of 2 GW’s at Surat, Gujarat. The largest Solar PV module has been installed by Waaree Energies at a plant in Gujarat, which makes it the largest company with being enabled to deliver a high-quality and affordable solar product to customers.
  • Renewsys Solar- Renewsys Solar is one of the most important and also very famous companies that work in this field of solar power development and management. Making of solar cells in an integrated manner where all types of PV Modules and their major components like the Encapsulates, Backsheets and Solar PVA cells are made. Renewsys has supplied its materials and pieces of equipment to around 40 countries worldwide and across India which has made it evolve as a distributing network agency.
  • Tata Power Solar Agency- Tata Power Solar is another major company that has been included in this list amongst the top 5 Solar Equipments Manufacturing Companies in India. it has earned its position as the most trusted and dependable rooftop solution providing agency in India. it has worked in an integrated manner in leading the integrated solar player that has excelled across the value chain right since its time of manufacturing to installing utility and rooftop solar projects. However, it has been more than 30 years since the company has worked in developing the rooftop domain since 1991 after installing a base of more than 425 MW of rooftop systems today.

So considering these companies as a part of the best solar companies in India it can also be traced that the companies that are known as the best solar energy companies in Kolkata has also worked regularly to broaden their pace, and hope that someday will lead to a strong role in making India green and a solar usable country.

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