Which is the best alternative for getting a better electricity supply these days?


Supply Electricity demands are rising these days with looking at the continuous need and demand of subsistence and sustenance of the common people. The rising population demands and with it the rising growth of demands of basic services and opportunities for living is also taking a peak. One such opportunity is seen in this case with the requirement of electricity and fuel as well. So, in this case, a lot of tasks and efforts are being tried to be undertaken regarding introducing better rates and technology for power generation.

Solar energy is being introduced and the governments in the states and the Union Government in India are also working ahead to ensure strong support in helping to integrate solar energy or solar power technology at home. These days, the use of solar power technology is rising; it is used by people both at home and also in various places. The use of solar off-grid power plants in Kolkata is being looked up as a response to balance with the increasing costs of power and electricity elements, which is seen as a response of the people and business owners to shifting their power systems. The Government of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has been strongly encouraging and also making sincere efforts to encourage the introduction of the use of Solar PV systems.

As a part of the business plans and initiatives ensured by the Government of India under the new solar mission agenda that has been adopted, where it aims to integrate all the major industries in engaging with the use of solar technology. Also with keeping the factor of Global Climate Change in the picture, where India has been ranked amongst the top emerging economies to work towards ensuring a transition towards clean energy in the 2018 report published by Climatescope.

So, now if we consider the use of the solar energy panels at the premises of our house for getting a direct source of electricity, then various factors are there as well that we need to consider altogether. The associated benefits, disadvantages, and the different technical factors associated with them. So the different factors can be understood as;

  • An on-grid solar power system is usually understood as being connected to the utility of a network related to a company. So the On-grid solar power systems are much more in demand when the point of a utility arises in case of malfunctioning.
  • The use of On-grid solar power systems minimizes the costs that a user may not have to bear or purchase which will act as a backup system for ensuring better storage of energy and give direct support of electricity in case if there is a utility or power failure.
  • Off-grid power systems have their points and features that are being considered as well. as these are not connected to the utility grid systems and for their functions, they use an additional battery system as their backup and storage facility.
  • In the Off-grid systems, the energy is being usually stored as additional sources in the batteries that can be used at the times when if it is cloudy or foggy weather of winters or at night, for which the users can opt for off-grid power systems as per their requirement and energy goals.
  • Considering the energy estimates, solar energy can be seized and used with the systems to generate energy for meeting the regular energy requirements.
  • The major advantage related to the use of the off-grid solar panels can be understood as that a user will not have to be dependent in matters relating to grid energy where the users of the solar power energy would not have to be affected in any way due to a power failure or outage.
  • As the working mechanism of an off-grid solar panel is concerned, it is usually dependent upon solar radiation and in this case, cloudy weather can significantly affect the functioning of the power outputs where an additional battery system can help in the escalation of the upfront installation costs which the on-grid solar power plants in Kolkata must consider with due importance.

Both On and Off-grid solar power systems have their advantages and disadvantages and what makes them an ideal point for using is their estimated user priorities and the requirements or advantages and disadvantages altogether. So, the owners and the sellers must work cooperatively and guide the buyers in the best possible ways helping them to choose the right device.

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