Why solar power is the best option to save on your power bills?

Bengal sun solar energy

With the spiraling cost of power and the growing domestic and commercial requirement, in cities like Kolkata, subscribers of power are left with fewer choices that they can make balancing their monthly budgets has become intensely difficult.

The best way to address this situation is by looking at harnessing the alternative sources of energy that Mother Nature has provided us in the bountiful. The most widely available power source is the natural rays of the Sun. And in a tropical country like India, the Sunlight is available for harnessing by using technology to our best advantage. Several solar companies in kolkata are engaged in the business of installation of solar power panels and power plants to tap this unlimited source of clean unadulterated power.

If a person has good roof space above their house, office, or factory then he or she can install rooftop solar panels to harness the sheer power of the sun and use it for free. There are 2 ways of applying the power source from the sun –

  1.  On-grid power system – this is a system by which the power generated by solar panels is fed directly into the electrical grid of the local electrical power supplier company. Any excess power generated by the solar panels after consumption is credited into the account of the subscriber, thereby reducing the monthly bill. In case of bad weather when solar power is not producing sufficient electricity the power can be taken from the grid.
  2.  Off-grid system – this has no connection with the grid and the power generated by the solar panels is stored in batteries for use during the nighttime or in bad weather. The subscriber can also use a generator set to supplement power when the generation of solar power is less due to bad weather.

The installation cost of the solar power system – the installation of a solar power plan at our home, office, or factory can be expensive initially as the cost of solar panels are still costlier, along with the total electrification, switches, and other equipment, however, there is not much of a recurring expenditure on a month to month basis.

Savings on bills every month – subscribers can approximately save almost equivalent to 600 units of electricity every month, to Rs 5,500 to be precise, if there is an installation of a 5kW solar system on the rooftop.

Maintenance of the solar power system – once installed the recurring monthly expenses are on the absolute lower side with practically not many expenses required for maintaining the system. It is advisable to engage the best solar company in West Bengal with an impeccable track record in executing the best foolproof projects. Unless some major cyclonic storm happens, generally not much effort is required to maintain the erected solar power mechanism, and that too only with the panels. Otherwise, other electrical device does not require any maintenance for a long time to come.

Government subsidies – there are a host of subsidies and tax exemptions from the Government usage of solar power means lesser carbon emissions and a contribution towards a sustainable and healthier environment and Earth.

So installation of solar power systems for domestic as well as commercial use is always full of benefits and advantages.

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