What are the desired contributions of solar panel manufacturers for a new renewable India?


Solar Panels are the most accountable and important part of getting access to solar energy. The solar panel manufacturers are making strides in this area in the present day due to the rising strides in the demand for solar panels. As, the industrial and technical side of this aspect of energy is concerned, along with the lessons and its outcomes being analyzed at a great length on how it can help in the development of the industry with itself becoming a major industry that can create a room for opportunities as well.

India, being a growing base of trade, industry and technical innovation or engineering where the solar panel manufacturers from all around India, especially in the East, the solar panel manufacturers in Kolkata can create a strong area of competition. Considering the future of Solar Energy in India, where a report of the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences of Boston, US has stated in its report saying that Renewable Energy can gain a strong foothold in India by 2040, which would help in the reduction of emissions and cost of the emissions.

Compared to all other parts of the world, where carbon Dioxide Emissions are counted at the global stage, thus India stands to be trailing by China and the United States. In India when we look at the energy demands, we only find that an enormous amount of it comes from natural resources like coal and natural gas. The report of the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has also brought out the facts stating that India has already got committed and marked its point of achieving the ambitious goals to transitioning around 60 per cent of the renewable energy in terms of electricity consumption by 2030s. In the current context, India’s demands over solar energy consumption have achieved a strong demand over the five most important regions of India which are in the North, North-East, South, West and East, rather than the whole of India. But the highest importance comes over the rural areas. Therefore, by looking at all the different areas and its prospects that are concerned around the development of renewable energy in future India, some factors can be understood, which are;

  • Understanding the Geographical suitability- India lies at a very vital geographical location which gives an added advantage of both using and producing energy. As India falls at a region which is located under a tropical cover, where India receives a generous amount of solar radiation due to long sunshine.
  • Cheap cost of solar energy-based equipment- At the beginning times, solar energy-based equipment and solar panels are indeed quite expensive in terms of their cost. In general solar panels can serve a lifespan of up to 25 years if maintained and used properly without any side effects.
  • Making up an employment opportunity- As solar energy is becoming a prospect and an opportunity of use, it can be really interesting as an employment source. Engineering graduates will get a good opportunity to work in industries that focus on solar panel manufacturing. The solar panel manufacturers in West Bengal have made a way for a great opportunity in the solar power sector. This sector will create a long-term impending transition with the utilization of solar energy in an imminent manner.
  • Understanding the future of solar power projects in India- India has a good future indeed, the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Maharashtra have a strong potential and ground to tap on solar energy for some of their strategic locations. Currently, in India, the Thar Desert Region of Rajasthan is harbouring the largest and best solar power projects in India generating 2,100 GW of Power, which is followed by Gujarat. Based on this the Government of India has kept on approving the plan for up-gradation of some of the notable Indian cities as the future solar city.
  • Understanding the use of Solar Panels in our daily lives around us- harnessing solar energy to the best possible outcomes is known by the ways and means to use it in the right direction to benefit strongly. Electrical appliances like Street lights, fans, lanterns used at home, road safety equipment, solar cookers, inverters and Solar UPS systems, etc, can be used.

So, with understanding the means and ways associated with Solar Energy and Solar Panels, we must understand that a bright future is lying ahead of us and our country to integrate the use of solar panels in our daily lives.

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