How are the Indian Railways getting transformed with the use of solar energy?

solar power plant in kolkata

The Indian Railways, which is considered to be one of the major lifelines in India connecting people across different parts of the country and even the trade destinations of India along with some of the neighboring countries in the region of South Asia as well. Indian Railways has always been a true aspirant and seeker for having developed a long-spanning electricity network across the country from the North to South and the East to the West. Considering the plan and program of the Indian Government’s Mission to transform the Indian Railways into a Carbon emission-free transportation network by 2030.

So in that case solar energy is being considered with the utmost importance and the Indian railways are working along with the support of the Solar Panel Manufacturing companies of the country to develop 2GW of Solar Plants in the properties of the Indian Railways. This opportunity creates a way for the Indian railways to draw the Companies which deal with such a task at the national stage to work on such types of national projects and deepen the scope towards self-reliance in terms of solar energy. The top solar panel manufacturers in Kolkata can also be a good aider in these kinds of projects.

Till now the Indian Railways has been able to set up a piloting project at Bina, Madhya Pradesh which is about yet to get operationalized in the upcoming times in the future. Solar Energy is the ultimate future that can help Indian railways to move towards the goal of transforming the technology and capabilities of this country in the future. As the Indian railways are looking and even working as well to transform the age-old meter gauge lines to more efficient, advanced, and highly advanced broad gauge tracks or from transforming purely diesel or non-electrified routes to electrified routes, which will help them to ensure fast movement of passenger and goods trains, with an increase in the speed. Thus, the use and installation of solar panels and introducing solar power is the main motive that will take it towards a new and clean and efficient Indian Railways.

In terms of all railway installations, like manufacturing plants, railway factories, workshops, maintenance plants, and even in some of the major railway stations of India, Solar Powered Panels are getting massively introduced and integrated. Rooftop solar panels are almost being integrated with some of the major parts of the country, such as 3 MWp Panels at MCF Rae Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.

Thus in that case, where the need will be required at a maximum level in the future, so eventually the need for having the support of the companies dealing with the task to develop solar power capability and solar panels throughout India will be more important and necessary at all levels. So, establishing these kinds of overhead projects where the Overhead Transaction System will be helping to function along with all the installed solar panels under a stage of extensive testing processes. However, this aspect will become a reality soon, once the testing system and process will be coming to an end.

As the current government in India planning to exert more stress under the prevailing mission of ‘make in India’, where a range of new technical features and types of equipment are being planned to be developed in India, where these companies alone can be a good stepping stone. As India has potential and also at the same time when a prolonged research work is going on in this direction to make such innovation, this must be made into reality somehow. In that case, all those companies which are known as the top solar panel manufacturers in West Bengal can be a partner to this kind of a task.

However, if we count as a whole, then making such a development in the Indian Railways, which is a vast network of transportation and communication spanning across a huge nation; as well have network connections with the railways of the neighboring countries too. So in that case, this requires a massively joint effort where all such enterprises also need to collectively work to show up an exciting outcome.

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