What is the cost of installing a solar power system?

On grid solar power plant in kolkata

Installing a solar power system makes all the sense for individuals and organizations simply for the reason that this renewable power source is in sheer abundance and comparatively easier than any other form of power plant that harnesses other forms of renewable energy sources like wind or hydropower.

Solar panels have been around in this country for a long time and with the Indian government’s steady patronage this sector has seen a good number of players entering this business segment. Some of the top solar companies operate from our state of West Bengal and their clientele is slowly increasing.

Thus due to these activities of installation of solar panels and power generation, solar panel manufacturers have been able to consolidate their position in the state and also spread to other parts of India.

  • Solar power panels are available from Indian manufacturers and also from manufacturers from abroad.
  • It is better to buy Indian products as there are subsidies that are available on the Indian brands provided the respective state government gives subsidies on such installation.
  • Generally, the cost of the solar panel ranges between Rs 19/watt and extends up to Rs 60/watt of Indian brands.
  • The cost of a solar panel ranges between Rs 24/watt and extends up to Rs 52/watt from international brands.
  • Solar panel total system, off-grid ranges from Rs 70,000 to Rs 1,20,000 per kW depending upon the components, which would include panel, inverter, charge controller, batteries, structure, wiring, structure, connectors, junction boxes, etc.
  • Off-grid solar system which has solar panels absorbing the sunlight and converting them into electrical energy and connected to a battery for storage. From the battery, the line goes to an inverter which ultimately controls the right flow of electricity to our plugs and to our devices to run. As this involves a battery, a regular check-up of the battery is mandatory along with proper maintenance. If properly maintained the battery will require replacement every 4 to 6 years interval.
  • An on-grid solar system has power generated from the solar panels and fed into the power grid system. Excess power generated by the solar panels and used by the apparatus and equipment of regular use is fed into the grid system, thereby generating a reduction in the billing from the electricity company. However, this system is not good if there are frequent power cuts in the grid. In case of a power cut in the grid, excess power generated by the solar panels gets wasted.
  • Solar panels – Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline

Monocrystalline type of solar panels is made from a single silicon crystal. It is more efficient in conversions per square meter area; thereby with lesser space, more electricity can be generated. In contrast, Polycrystalline is made up of multiple crystals. It is good for users who have large space for solar panels.

There is a lot of top solar panel manufacture in West Bengal and they offer complete guidance to their customers and help them to set up the system in totality on a turnkey basis.

The requirement of correct space at the rooftop and the setting up of the panels requires a lot of expertise, which can only be rendered by such companies who manufacture these panels and also helps the customers to set up and run with maintenance.

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