How setting up a solar power plant requires these necessary considerations?

Bengal sun solar energy

Installing a solar power plant in your home or your workplaces like the factory or office has never been so much easier.

Especially if you are based out the areas in India like West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, or Assam, this entire region receives sunlight in absolute abundance; it certainly makes sense to have installed a solar power system here. There are so many solar power plant manufacturers in Kolkata who does a fine job in setting up a solar power plant in these locations on a complete turnkey basis from scratch to a set up completely operational.

The solar plant manufacturing and installation company can do a complete survey of the exact power requirement of an establishment or a property and can set up such a kind of power plant with solar panels installed on the roof of the property. For this, the solar company needs to do a thorough check-up of the position of the roof of the building, the wind resistance, clear path of the sunlight, and the capacity of installation of the rigid frames which are required to carry the solar panels. The solar panels need to be placed in such an order that there is no obstruction in the path of getting direct sunlight so that the solar panels can function without any hindrance.

The following are the most essential steps in the systematic setting up of a solar power system –

  • Understanding the required capacity of the entire project
  • The location of the solar power plant should be within 2 km of the nearest power substation to reduce the power excavation charges
  • Clearing all necessary mandatory regulations as fixed by the Government
  • Understanding and taking a stand of the power mode – whether it would an off-grid or on-grid solar power plant either for domestic or commercial use
  • If excess power that is generated from the solar power cells will be sold to the electricity department or a private party
  • Apply for government subsidies and loan for setting up the power plant if anybody wishes to finance the project
  • Application by submission of the solar form and solar connectivity
  • Submission of several legal and financial documents which are mandatory
  • Setting up the plant and then commissioning it

Setting up a solar power plant may be an expensive proposition however the long-term benefits out of it are immense. It does not normally require much of a recurring expenditure to maintain the entire system except for the periodic cleaning of the solar panels and maintaining the battery or the generator set and the electrical connections in place. It is best to hire the top solar panel manufacture in West Bengal to take care of the setting up, commissioning, and maintenance too of the solar power plant.

A word of caution must be attached here, and that is to take additional care of the structures, especially the solar panels in case of strong winds, cyclones, and storms. In these cases of severity, there might be a possibility of damages to the panels and the structures as the same can act as wind resistance.

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