What is the best suitable position for fixing solar panels at your building?

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When one is seriously thinking towards pursuing their dream to install a solar panel at their residence, or a building or in any kind of a property then there is a lot of work and thought process involved in it that has to be seriously invested upon them. Leaving out serious factors which can be considered as ranging from the cost power to service charges that might be required, the number of panels to be produced according to the number of needs, size and their working mechanism in the rooftop. In this case, a very important that must have been guessed is the direction in which the panels will be projected towards and how much amount of energy they can draw up.

All the technicians and members working as a part of the whole team of the solar panel installation companies in Kolkata, West Bengal make it a point to understand the major factor on the matter of how much energy is being produced from the rooftop solar system and equipment. So regarding this case, many issues range from solar panel positioning based on the structures and utility tools being offered by various companies.

As it is being viewed regarding the placing of the solar panels, mostly they are done in a South-facing direction, the reason for which a simple geographic reason lies in that case. Generally, it is like for those living in the Northern Hemisphere where the sun is on the Southern part of the sky, where we complete about a year for the orbit around. Being in that case, the best practice to date has been always destined at a position when the solar panels receive the maximum amount of sunlight only when it is placed in a position facing the south. Generally, the solar industries commonly prefer a position where the technical team working for the industry usually feels that the solar panels should be placed in a position where they will lie tilted at a position of thirty to forty degrees in a south-facing position. However, in that case, the angle might vary based on certain positions at an equal latitude of our home.

The main reason also can be attributed as the matter relating to the specificity of the angle can be to ensure a better rate of sunlight which that panel will get able to contact with when placed in a perpendicular angle, which will work as the most effective source of energy. Also in this position, an angle will help to slide off any kind of airy objects that will fall in the panel, especially snow during winter at the hilly areas in northern latitudes.

Some of the rooftop slops of the solar panels are held in a direction that is quite perfectly held about in a way that helps the installers to secure a position that is quite secured. It also helps to flush those against a particular point and stand in a great angular point which will be able to at the same capture the energy coming out from the sun. Others can also be found to stand in a quite steeper position or even flat, that is however all depending upon the position and placing of the panel, where the solar modules can work and perform the best in terms of establishing their energy.

At the same time, some factors are also required to be well considered that account upon the positioning of the panels;

  • The angle which lies in between the rooftop and the ground of the solar modules, these are also at the same time referred to as upon the area of latitude and the graphical locations, which will help to generate the maximum amount of energy on a time when the value of the latitude lies nearby.
  • In every state of India, the latitudes and angles of placing the solar panels vary to their level at all steps. Therefore based on the five different regions of India the angles are different.
  • The direction and location of the solar panels also play an important position in this case where the direction of the sunlight comes at a maximum level. So looking and judging upon placing the panels in the right direction they should be placed rather than investing a total wastage of money and energy.
  • Location is quite important, as, in any part of India, sunlight comes quite less, some receive large amounts which is the opposite or throughout the year. So this must also be ensured equally which the solar panel companies in Kolkata, West Bengal look upon equally.

So as a whole that is all which must be ensured while placing solar panels in the right manner.

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