How solar training and education is going to shape the future of energy transition in the country?

Bengal sun solar energy

The most important criterion to use solar energy and solar technology is very much dependent based upon those people on the right approach with having the right knowledge to use it and in the right direction. At the same time, some points need to be considered in a way for looking into the ways where there are many such organizations like the Solar Training and Renewable Energy Education Institution, being one of them which has provided both online and in-person workshops to various students and technicians from all around the world. So, in this particular, we would be looking around at how the use and enhancement of solar training and education are going to shape the future of energy transition in the world.

The companies working in the areas of dealing as a part of all the major solar energy companies in Kolkata have identified that it is the cleaner and most efficient mode of energy that is usually derived from sunlight or the heat coming from the sun. At the same time, having solar energy driving sources or solar-powered panels on the rooftop of one’s home also in a way means that one is keeping a photovoltaic system of power and electricity on the roof of their house. Equally, solar energy is considered to be a renewable and a free source of energy which is sustainable and inexhaustible compared to other sources of energy like fossil fuels, which are finite.

It is a non-polluting source, the most important characteristic identity which identifies it at large. Also, at the same time, it does not even emit any kind of greenhouse gases at the time of producing electricity. Being a renewable and free source of energy, which is sustainable and inexhaustible compared to other fossil fuels which are in a way finite. Also, it is another non-polluting source of energy which can in a way also help to a great extent in supplying full or [partial energy for consumption.

Putting all together the use of solar energy and the significance of its importance over education that is more than often geared towards the position of encouraging and equipping people with the necessary and the relevant information. Also, from a particular standpoint, there are various factors as to where it can be considered how solar panels can in a way work towards making students in schools and colleges or universities understand that basic science and the mechanism that is usually employed in this particular case.

Now coming to the point of understanding the basic process and the mechanism of how solar panels are being made and how they perform their operations for a set period. Generally, a solar panel which is rugged and durable in its finished form requires a complex technical or scientific-based approach in the path of its production. Generally, the traditional solar modules of solar panels follow a strong process in a way to get manufactured and developed into a complete system. This process goes in a way as;

  • Impregnation of silicon wafers to create a semiconductor technology.
  • Creating electrical contacts for joining different solar cells altogether.
  • As the matter of silicon is being concerned, placing the right anti-reflective tool on top of silicon wafers.
  • Laying solar cells between a superstrate layer and a back-sheet layer.
  • Placing the entire solar panel in between an aluminium frame to create a finished solar panel.

The solar panel producing companies or rather the companies, which in a way work for leading the solar off-grid power plants in Kolkata also have to work well altogether in that respect.

So, the companies which in a way work for dealing with the entire task of producing solar-powered sheets or panels have to work in a varying number of ways determining a lot of technical and scientific factors on hand. In that respect, a lot of factors relating to economic and academic knowledge are also very much concerned too.

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